“The Stuff”


Do you want to feel and be seen as commanding, authoritative and influential? Is your fear of public speaking limiting your career? Would you benefit from coming across as a more credible leader – one who has executive presence? Do you need develop your visibility and work out how to stand out in your workplace or industry? One-on-one coaching will enable you to explore and work on your specific areas in a confidential and safe environment.


portrait of business team discussing market share in a meeting

WTS @ What’s the Stuff provides a variety of focussed workshops on topics such as presenting powerfully, being seen as leadership material, overcoming the messages that limit and individual’s credibility. She can tailor a program that will focus on a particular industry or group of people to address their specific needs. A mixture of theory, discussion, and practice and group interaction ensures that participants are actively engaged in the learning process.


Looking for someone to speak/present at your conference or professional event? Wendy combines a natural witty and interactive style to deliver all your audience needs to know about speaking publicly, establishing executive presence and leadership bearing. Your participants will find her hands-on interactive style engaging and memorable.